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Turtle arrival at Eco Paraíso

In miles and miles of Virgin Beach, our guests have had the wonderful experience to see the arrival of the marine turtles to nest. We keep a secure nesting area; collect the eggs found in vulnerable sites and relocate them where they can safely hatch.

The Carey turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) arrives at the Eco Beach Paradise from April to July to nest at night. Although this turtle is fast and agile in water, is slow, awkward and unfortunately is threatened on land, because its shell is used on the black market to make jewelry like earrings and rings.


How can you help turtles survive:
- Do not consume meat.
- Do not buy jewelry or Ar asses that are made of bone or tortoise shell.
- Do not consume eggs.
- Do not take shells or sand from the beaches and some places have been doing the rocky soil erosion, preventing the turtles nest.
- When you come to nest, do not use lights to see and stay at least 6 meters away.
- Avoid making fires in nesting season