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News: November 11

"Hanal Pixán" "Day of the Dead" in Yucatan.

Everyone is ready with aromas, flowers, sweets and lights to receive the souls who return home, where an altar waits to welcome them.

It is Day of the Dead in Yucatan, "Hanal Pixan" (Food for the soul).
The smell of “Pibil Pollo” is felt throughout the region, cooked in the entrails of Mother Earth, which allows men to nourish the body and the souls to transform the essence in pleasure and delight.
The people of our Mayan land are prepared to receive those who are gone and now return home: "The Dead"

The color of the flowers "Xpujuk" and "Xtés" (Mayan flowers), prayers and candles thrive in the cemetery and on the altars at the home, all to honor the visit of those who preceded us.
With these offerings and delicious food starts the reencounter festival.
Days of songs and prayers when the dead come back to celebrate the mystery of life with us the dwellers on earth.

It's time for "Hanal Pixan", it’s time to live the tradition… it is Day of the Dead in Yucatan.

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