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News: February 12

Pink Clouds

It's 5 pm - the sun begins to fall - Alex, our guide leads us to a place where he guarantees one of the most unimaginable moments that nature can offer.

Penetrating into the endless crossroads of the salt flats, he ably takes the correct one in this huge natural labyrinth, until we finally reach a large pond where you can feel the fresh air. Suddenly, Alex, with a cautious euphoria tells us: "Here they come!" Everyone turns to the same direction. Within seconds the white clouds turn pink and sliding smoothly across the sky we see the flamingos looking for the perfect natural shelter in this salt flat that will protect them from stalking predators during the night. Thousands and thousands of them start landing in the middle of the huge salt pond forming large groups and with a unique squawking concert, each bird finds the appropriate place for a comfortable rest.

Definitely an amazing experience.



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