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June 12


Bufo marinus: its name suggests a marine connection, but there is no such link. The adult toads are fully terrestrial and venture to freshwater only to reproduce themselves. It is the biggest toad in the lowlands of tropical America. They are opportunistic feeders; it does not matter how harmful, toxic, biting or stinging the prey is, they will eat it without judgment, if it is accessible. They eat small vertebrates and even juvenile toads. The BUFUS MARINUS is predominantly nocturnal, and approaches the lights because they know that they will find plenty of insects to eat there.
Seeing this inhabitant in XIXIM, immediately recalls me to the stories where witches cast their evil spell upon unsuspecting princes to turn them into toads, thus beginning an odyssey to find the beautiful princess that, with a kiss of love, will redeem them of such a spell.