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News: June 11
Daniela and Victor’s wedding at Xixim.

Magnificent was the wedding event of Daniela and Victor in the facilities of our hotel. The little village church of "Celestún" gathered family and friends to celebrate the religious ceremony.
From the early hours of Saturday June 3rd, efforts started to prepare this great celebration. Exactly at sunset, a cocktail in our bar "El Santuario" welcomed the special guests, families and friends, who looked for the moment of the commencement of the symbolic beachfront ceremony. The arrival of Daniela with her walk through the path of rose petals marked the beginning of the long awaited happening.
Avant-garde kitchen and copyright dishes were the delight of attendees. The banquet at the restaurant "Xixim”, a 4-course menu, was served in a space beautifully decorated at the bride's choice, with turquoise and white flowers.
The guests enjoyed a fun time at the beach releasing hot air balloons, shifting afterwards to the family pool area where an entertaining, witty DJ was waiting for them. Masks and wigs with dance routines and different choreographies made this an unforgettable night for everyone who accompanied the happy couple.
Daniela and Victor, Xixim’s staff wishes you a prosperous and happy life, full of achievements.