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July 12

The Fearsome “Chechem”

July is a special month in Xixim, the sanctuary becomes a gift of nature to offer beautiful fruits, little beings and shows us the metamorphosis experienced by the species from our home..

The trees are attractive and offer their fruit to delight the eye, and not always the palate, one of our trees shown ostentatious and proud off is the "Chechem" (Metopium brownie). This tree shown arrogant and alone, it is not surrounded by vegetation and always has about Chaká tree (Bursera simaruba).

The "Chechem" is famous for to be toxic. Its resin is very irritating and can cause severe skin burns that can become ten times worse than poison ivy. The Chaká however, is a remedy against this tree cause damage, removes irritation and helps regenerate the skin.

The essence of being of our sanctuary shown sacred, offering the duality and balance that exists, worshiping nature for his wisdom and strengthening the links between nature, man and consciousness.

"In lak'ech" is the Mayan word which gives meaning to the behavior of this tree with the stability and translates as: "I am in you, you are in my"