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Hotel Xixim, Celestún, Yucatán, México
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News: July 11

The environment itself is the source of inspiration to present and display the jealously guarded secrets of our natural paradise, Xixim presents an original, unusual and permanent natural entomological collection of species found over the years in the area.

This private collection has been made possible through the collaboration of Alexander Dzib Ornithologist, who has made the selection and management of species for optimum display.
The selection includes the classification of insects, lizards, snakes and even bones of various mammals that inhabit the place.

In line with the art exhibition on display in our areas, the museum and small shop carries the signature of the contemporary artist Luis Diaz "Vena2" who captivates the spaces with his holistic art achieving a seamless integration between nature and environment.



Das Hotel Xixim, Celestún, Yucatán, México
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