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August 12

Gift of the nature on the beaches of Xixim

The gift of nature gives us a show this month, life itself is displayed before our eyes.

Our guests will have the opportunity to participate in the release of baby turtles to the sea, will be a pleasant memory, conscious of the vulnerability of this little specie to their natural predators and the importance of protecting sea turtles.

The release of hatchlings to the sea is one of the most anticipated event for our visitors, represents the final day of our efforts to protect sea turtles, also marks the beginning of a new hope for the recovery of this species.

The main objective of the release of young is to "raise awareness", our guests sensitizing participants on the importance of conservation of these and all species, and allowing them to witness the daily miracle of nature.

These events allow society to feel part of these efforts, creating a profound shift in their view of nature.

Having the opportunity to "liberate" a baby turtle a few meters from the sea, to witness this miracle of nature, it is possible this month in Hotel Xixim. Visit us!