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News: Abril 11
ART IN Xixim

Xixim had the pleasure of hosting for 3 months of arduous work the contemporary artist "Vena2" and his team

Focused in a holistic project inside this healing sanctuary, artist Luis Alberto Díaz Gordoa “Vena2” developed a concept full of magic, culture and health, which pretends to enhance the blooming and energetic force within Xixim.
Inspired by art as a form of perfect expression, he prints beauty and ancestral knowledge to each one of his creations. “Vena2” achieves the perfect mixture between natural and handmade things.

A mystical tale is the basis of the work of this artist, a princess called "Laudel" conceived of pure nature, offers special welcome to our visitors; the emancipation of "Zaxim" impacts us with its perfect blend of colors and makes us question why a woman is being metamorphosed; the "water man" witnesses every day the beautiful sunsets.

Every piece highlights the qualities of each space, with rhythm, color, form and beauty. The balance of nature is always healthy in harmony with the outer space.

Mankind is nature looking for its unity with the universe.