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Offshore fishing

Offshore fishing

Half day, includes boat, fishing rods, guide and snack.

The emerald green Gulf of Mexico is not as transparent as the Caribbean Sea, due to the great quantity of zoo and phytoplankton that it contains. The plankton is the ideal food of a lot of little fishes that in turn attract bigger fish giving way to the continuity of the food chain.

This is the reason why the Gulf of Mexico is the habitat of hundreds of sea species. Just in front of Hotel Eco Paraíso Xixim, it is possible to capture in fairly shallow waters more than 10 different edible fish like Mouth -, Yellow tailed -, Red – and Spotted Snappers, Groupers, Sea Trout, Barracudas, Palomets, amongst others.

We are going to fish in the same manner as Celestún’s fishermen have done always, using fisher rods, hooks and bait.
Be ready, because as soon as we catch some fish, here, in our boat, your guide is going to prepare a delicious Ceviche, a typical regional dish prepared precisely with fresh raw fish filet marinated in lime juice and seasoned with tomatoes, onions and coriander amongst others. Bon appétit!


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