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Oxkintok, Calcehtok caves and Cenote

All day, includes transfer, specialized guide, entrance and lunch.

Today, on our way, we soon find ourselves climbing the only hills found in the Yucatan peninsula. Once over the top we head directly for the impressive site of Oxkintok, nestled in the Puuc hills and recently restored by a team of Spanish archaeologists who found ample evidence during their four year project to confirm Oxkintok as an important ceremonial center inhabited since 300 years b.C.

A fine example of early Puuc-style architecture, its name means "Three Flint Suns" or "Three Day Flint".

The second half of our adventure will lead us to the imposing Calcehtok Caves. They served as shelter for the Mayan people during the "Caste War". You will find ample evidence of their dwelling there, besides stalactites and stalagmites whose weird formations remind us of familiar patterns of animals and plants.

After our expedition we will take a refreshing swim in one of the beautiful Cenotes (sinkholes) Yucatan offers.
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