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Wonders of Celestun’s Biosphere Reserve
One day, includes bilingual guide specialized in birds, transfers, boat and lunch.

This tour is a must!

Our adventure begins inland, near Chunchucmil at the edge of Celestún Biosphere Reserve, a privileged region where you will see some of the most beautiful birds in Mexico: cardinals, orioles, motmots, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and endemic species such as the Yucatan wren, are just some of the species that can be found in the area.

Afterwards we will go to Celestun, port and town of lucky fishermen and plethoric sunsets. We will board a boat on the beach that will take us to the estuary. Suddenly we will witness the sea become a fertile landscape. Here, in Celestun’s estuary, where the waters get mixed, we will continue our adventure.

Our first stop is Cambalam, an ancient Mayan seaport where important transactions with other cultures took place. Valuable goods, such as obsidian, silex, jadeite, ceramics and salt changed hands and moved overland into the Maya world. At the beach you will see plenty of pottery remains from the ancient Mayan empire.

Back in the boat, on route to the inlet we will visit what is known locally as the Petrified Forest, where enormous dead trees stand as silent witnesses to an unknown ecological catastrophe, probably a change of salinity or an unnamed hurricane. We will watch a landscape that seems taken out of a science fiction novel.

As we continue with our navigation to the inlet, we will suddenly hear the promise sings: 300 varieties of water and shore birds. Among them, gracious and timid, the beautiful and unforgettable pink flamingos. Up to 50,000 of these elegant birds live here.

Explore the mangrove forest, which serves as habitat for hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, mollusks, and crustaceans. Always green, the mangrove is tolerant to the saline water and constant sea breeze, and provides a ceaseless source of dying leaves and branches for the many microorganisms that call this wet world their home. So great is the importance of the mangrove swamp, that its disappearance would cause an economic and ecological catastrophe.

The boat’s stealthy sailing will allow you to feel integrated with the ecosystem where birds, plants and microorganisms live in perfect harmony with the sky, the sea, the sun and the breeze.

Our excursion will end at a typical Celestun town restaurant, where we will enjoy delicious dishes of fish and seafood, fresh from the Gulf of Mexico.


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