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Kayaking in Celestún's Salt Flats Lagoons

Half day. Includes specialized guide and snacks. Only from September to January

As the sun rises over the mangrove barrier we unload the kayaks from the car and start our way in the swampy waters of Cholul Salt flats. As soon as we set on the kayaks, we will move to the shore where egrets, herons, cormorants and other shore birds try to find an early breakfast.

The lagoons were created by the high tides of September making it possible for us to kayak trough them. Just three weeks ago, in August, the salt flats were as dry as a desert. Fishes died due to the high concentration of salt, but had laid millions of eggs for the next generation. Crustaceans, frogs, and turtles were hibernating digging a hole in the ground trying to go as close as possible to the water level to avoid burns and dehydration.

Now the flats are completely different, full of water and the eggs from the animals that were left behind in the dry mud are hatching, thus providing enough food for hundreds of migratory birds that are arriving from the United States and Canada. Everything is alive again and the bird songs can be heard from everywhere.


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