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Mangrove Adventure

The coastal lagoon called Los Pilares is one of the richest wildlife regions within the majestic Biosphere Reserve Ria Celestun. It is home to about 3,500 white pelicans, it is the area of passage for birds that fly from the estuary to the sea in search of food and the crossing of migratory birds that enter from the Gulf of Mexico into the wetlands. It is also the resting area for the pink flamingo that arrives in the evening to sleep in this protected area, as, if they would have stayed in the estuary, they would have been eaten by crocodiles. Early in the morning they fly back to the estuary to feed.

We boarded the boat on the shore of the lake to paddle quietly through the mangroves, stately trees of great importance for human beings and life in our seas.
In the mangroves we will spot several of the 360 species of birds that inhabit the reserve such as herons, cormorants, spoonbills, storks, cardinals, kingfishers, ospreys, hawks and much more.

Navigating through the channels we realize how much life the mangrove houses. Many of the birds we find now here, were breeding just a few days ago at their place of origin such as Alaska, Canada and northern United States. Some are passing through, but many come to stay here in their winter residence, such as is the white pelican which holds its largest population in this site, were close to 3,500 individuals come to congregate. The route takes us along the rest area of pelicans, the mangrove channels and the edges of the coastal dunes.

Our adventure lasts 2hrs
Recommendations: Sunscreen, insect repellent, hat and sandals.

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