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Natural Resources

All our water comes from a salty well. We have taken great care in not pumping too much water out of the well - we have a little 1hp pump that pumps about 2 liters per second. This water is filtered with sand, gravel and activated carbon, stored and chlorinated. This water goes to the main water system of our hotel. Part of it is then pumped to our potable water system. We installed an inverse osmosis and ultraviolet rays to make our water potable, so that we can avoid buying water bottles that would cause more garbage.

All our lightening system is done with low voltage bulbs. To avoid that the little sea turtles get confused and do not find their way to the sea, we have kept our illumination as low as possible in our resort.

We have installed solar panels to heat the water of our swimming pool.

At Eco Paraíso we have a small garden where we practice organic agriculture.

Hotel Eco Paraíso, Celestún, Yucatán México
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