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The 3 R’s of Recycling

Reduce: We don’t buy individually packed products to avoid this unnecessary non-recyclable garbage. The ham, butter, cereals and jams are all bought in bulk, as is the shampoo and conditioner which is provided in special dispensers in the shower.  The purified water available in your room is also not bottled to reduce excess waste.

Reuse: Whenever possible we reuse wood, plastic, metal, and fabric, as long as it meets our standards.  As for all that which does not, we donate to people who will use it.

Recycle: All of the refuse is conscientiously separated into recyclables and non-recyclables, and the organic matter is put into the I.S.R.O.W.  The recyclables such as paper, plastic, aluminum  and glass are collected and transported to a recycling center in Merida 69 miles away. 

Finally, the non-recyclable materials, less than 3 bags a week, are brought to the municipal trash collector in Celestún.

The 3 R´s of H2O

All of the water in the hotel goes through a filtering process and is reused. 

  • The grey water from the showers and sinks flows through biological carbon filters, and is then used to irrigate the plants and garden.
  • The black waters are pumped to I.S.R.O.W. were they are allowed to settle and separate to later be used as compost.
  • The greasy waters of the kitchen and the soapy laundry water goes through a special biological filtering process using sand, gravel, charcoal, and bacteria from which it later will also be used to water the plants.

In order to guarantee the success of this process, please do not let any harmful chemicals or substances enter the toilet or other drains.

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