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From the moment of check in, we induce our guest to respect nature. In the room he will find the Directory of Services, where he can read about our efforts of conservation. He can help separating the waste, avoiding the ritual of laundering every day sheets and towels and putting the lights and ceiling fans off when you leave the room.

We have about 70 books and other material where you can inform yourself in depth about this and other matters as archeology and Mayan culture.

We also have a 1km (0.6 miles) interpretative trail where you can observe and experience, first hand, this vast biodiversity.
The hotel Eco Paraíso has a unique concept that, in addition to your lodging, offers you many interesting and exciting tours. The main focus behind this is to enable our guests to become more intimately familiar with and appreciate the culture, history, unique ecosystem and archaeological wealth of Yucatan.  It is also very important to us that you thoroughly enjoy the excursions you take, so we always try our best to keep the atmosphere fun and relaxing, as well as informative. 

Being an eco-tourist means that you have an awareness and respect for the environment in which we all live, realizing that the actions made by an individual ripple out through the circle of life and affect all, and subsequently making a conscientious effort to keep the earth a clean, safe, enjoyable place during your travels and everyday life.

It is important to practice the Leave No Trace concept while traveling, which involves not disturbing or disrupting the plants and animals around you, not polluting the air, earth, or water, taking nothing but pictures and memories, and leaving nothing but a footprint when visiting our many beautiful beaches, caves, pyramids, lagoons, reefs, cenotes, forests and more.

Hotel Eco Paraíso, Celestún, Yucatán México
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