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Construction and gardens

The hotel facilities were designed with a conscious effort to adhere to the strictest ecological standards in order to provide first class, comfortable accommodations without upsetting the natural balance of the surrounding ecosystem.  We have taken an approach that employs a complimentary blend of traditional, natural techniques along with modern technologies, while striving not to compromise the economic viability of the project.  For that reason, much effort has been spent on maintaining this delicate balance.

Much thought and careful planning went into the design and construction of this hotel complex so that the bungalows would flow with their surroundings.  We strove to incorporate as much as possible only natural products from the immediate area in the construction, as well as local customs such as the thatched roofs.

We have constructed our hotel from the second dune on, so that the first dune and the beach are intact - pristine. This is very important, as precisely in this first dune, the sea turtles come to hatch. I was told (I do not know if this information is correct) that only 5% of this first dune is intact in the whole world - we try to preserve what little is left of it. Also, the vegetation that you find in this first dune is unique, you won't find it anywhere else.

Very low construction density. From the 25 hectares (61.8 acres) land that we own, we only have constructed about 7,000m2 (75,347 ft2) that is about 3%.

The topography of the land was also kept intact, that is, we didn't level out the land when constructing. We left the dunes as they were.

All our gardens have been replanted with plants that grow in the region - we did not introduce exotic flora like grass, for instance.

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