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The Flora and Fauna of Celestun

Interpretative trails
In our continuous effort for scientific discovery and to encourage the interests of visitors and tourists on the closeness and appreciation of the environment, Eco Paraíso invites you to travel through the interpretive nature path and observe many of the astonishing examples of the flora and fauna of coastal dunes.

We believe that this experience enables us to be more conscientious and responsible to aid in the conservation of the natural environment with which we share this planet.

Our trail is divided in two defined areas representing different natural events and successions. The first section corresponds to the path named "Temible Chechem", which has been designed respecting the previous road of the coconut plantation. This trail illustrates local biological history. The old coconut plantation of Eco Paraiso was devastated by a plague called lethal yellowing, disease that is transmitted by a cicada. In the natural process of recuperation, the Chechem tree is among the first to grow.

In the second section named "Aguada Tauché", we are able to see the great variety of vegetation found in the coastal dunes. Mangrove trees creep into the salt flats while various vines twirl upwards into the Chaká trees. This corridor provides a virtually pristine view of the native ecosystems surrounding Celestún.

Click here to see the maps of the trails (PDF, 100 KB. The map shows in a new window. You require Adobe Reader to see the map.)