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Self-sustainable ecology

Being an eco-tourist means that you have an awareness that allows you to interact with the nature while respecting the environment in which we all live.

The hotel facilities were consciously designed on a self-sustainable concept. This means that our hotel does not break the environment balance when possible, using the resources modern technology offers, without affecting the project economic viability. For that reason, much effort has been spent on maintaining this delicate balance.

We hope that your stay at Eco Paraíso will be not only relaxing, but an interesting learning experience.  We have designed learning some tools for our guests:

    • The service directory - general overview of the conservation efforts made at Eco Paraíso.
    • Open air museum - exhibition of various native species of plants, reptiles, insects, crustaceans, and more.
    • Specialized books and videos - informative material focused on the reserve and the surrounding areas.
    • Interpretive nature trails - 40 documented species to discover and identify.
    • Organic garden - ecologically friendly agriculture to observe
    • Reforestation - planting of 30 hectares with Malayan dwarf coconut trees, a specie resistant to the lethal yellowing disease, which basically annihilated the taller species of coconut trees along the gulf over the last decades.
    • Excursions - take in all the vast biodiversity, culture, architecture, and local history the area has to offer.

Hotel Eco Paraíso, Celestún, Yucatán México
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