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Celestun y Real de Salinas

Ecotourism means to get to know the surroundings and cohabit with its people. This is why, on this tour through my town you will learn more about us, the Celestunences. Celestun, long before the arrival of the Spaniards was a rich territory in many aspects: it had salt, shells and fish. The Mayan people worked near the shore fishing and collecting salt and shells, but built their temples inland where they were safe from hurricanes and the illnesses of the wetlands. When the Spaniards arrived, Celestun was used as a shelter for pirate ships that docked in the estuary. In war time the “mestizos”, fleeing, discovered Celestun. In 1848 the town had about 100 inhabitants, in 1970 approximately 400, but, since 1975, the people from inland migrated to the coast due to scarce economic activity and, consequently, lack of work. Nowadays, Celestún has about 8,000 inhabitants.





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